Toasted walnuts

Ingredients for Cooking Roasted Walnuts

  1. Walnuts (raw) 200 grams
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Paper kitchen towels, colander, stove, frying pan, wooden kitchen spatula, microwave, heat-resistant kitchen spatula, heat-resistant plate, oven, non-stick pan, non-stick spray (aluminum food foil, baking paper or parchment paper), kitchen gloves, kitchen towel, cutting board , a bowl.

Cooking Roasted Walnuts:

Step 1: prepare the walnuts.

First we get nuts, it is better that they are in the shell, it is very easy to get rid of it, you just need to put this miracle of nature in the freezer for 1 hour, and then crack it. But if you find only peeled, then it is better to taste them so that they are not rancid. After this, we sort out the kernels, remove small fragments, divide the nuts into halves or quarters, transfer to a colander and rinse thoroughly under a stream of warm running water. Then we leave them for a while in the sink so that the glass has excess liquid, then we dry it with paper kitchen towels and choose one and the options for frying.

Step 2: fry the walnuts - option one.

The first way is pretty simple. We put a dry deep frying pan on medium heat and allow it to warm up well. Then we put dried nuts there, it is better that they lie in one layer.

Cook them until brown and crackling, stirring occasionally with a wooden kitchen spatula. This process will take approximately from 20 to 25 minutesbut if the pieces are small, then they cook even faster - in 10-15 minutes.
As soon as they reach the desired consistency, a pleasant fried aroma will bloom in the kitchen, immediately shift the kernels to a plate and cool.

Step 3: fry the walnuts - option two.

The second method is more painstaking, but no less tasty. Turn on and preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Then we cover the non-stick pan with aluminum foil, parchment or baking paper, or sprinkle with a non-stick spray. Then we spread the prepared walnuts in an even layer there and send them to the preheated oven on 7-10 minutes, depending on how much you want to fry them.

After the first 5 minutes mix the kernels with a special heat-resistant spatula, try and, if necessary, keep in the oven to the desired taste.
After they smell fried, with the help of kitchen tacks we rearrange the baking sheet on the countertop, immediately shift the nuts into heat-resistant dishes and cool to room temperature.

Step 4: fry the walnuts - the third option.

The third method is suitable for hostesses who have a microwave. We shift the prepared dried nuts into a special heat-resistant dish, so that they lie in 1-2 layers, and put in the oven. Turn on the kitchen appliance to its full potential and fry pieces of kernels for 2 minutes. Then mix them with a heat-resistant spatula and try. Not ready? Then we send them back to the microwave, if the oven does not have a rotating tray, turn the dishes 180 degrees and again stand the kernels in the kitchen appliance 2 minutes at high power.

Then, at will, we repeat the process one or two more times, that is, it will take 6-8 minutes in total. After this time, they will reach the desired consistency, and you will feel a pleasant aroma of fried.
After the oven has finished its work, with a kitchen towel we take out the nuts from it, transfer them to a clean, dry dish and cool.

Step 5: Serve the fried walnuts.

After cooking, fried walnuts are condemned and served in special vases as a dessert or used in the preparation of other equally delicious dishes. For example, they put them in buns, bread dough, salads, pasta, yogurt and some soups. Season this yummy stew, poultry, fish or game. And also layered with such nuts cakes, pies, add to the fresh and sweet fillings for cakes, pastries, decorate them with milk desserts and ice cream. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- nuts that are fried in a pan can be sprinkled with salt, sugar, spicy spices or sprinkled with sugar syrup;

- if your microwave oven has a very high power, then it is better to fry the nuts until fully cooked at intervals of 20 seconds. The time indicated in the recipe is designed for a 750 W oven! Also, you can’t use the kernels immediately after such preparation, you need to let them cool completely, otherwise it can lead to a burn of the mouth;

- very often nuts are fried in a large amount of fat. Then put them on a paper towel and sprinkle with a mixture of powdered sugar and vanilla, cinnamon or ginger;

Are you not going to use roasted nuts right away? Then they should be stored in dry paper packaging, in a cool place, such as a pantry.