Salad with Peking Cabbage and Cheese

Ingredients for Salad with Peking Cabbage and Cheese

  1. Peking cabbage 5-6 sheets
  2. Apple green (sour) 1 piece (large)
  3. Hard cheese 150 grams
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Mayonnaise (can be replaced with sour cream) to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Apple, Cheese
  • Serving 1 serving


Deep salad bowl, tablespoon, kitchen knife, cutting board, fruit peeling knife, grater with medium holes, grater with small holes.

Making salad with Beijing cabbage and cheese:

Step 1: prepare the Beijing cabbage.

Cooking Beijing cabbage is very simple, even if you have never done it before. First rinse the head out by lowering it into the sink and holding the base by hand. Then remove the stale, yellowed and fading leaves, in the same way as when preparing ordinary, white cabbage. Place the cleaned ingredient on a cutting board, cut off the pale base, literally 3-4 cm away from the edge, no longer needed. And at the very end, just cut the remaining cabbage leaves without taking them apart. For this salad, cut the cabbage into thin strips. To make it more convenient for you, slightly hold the head of the head, pressing it to the board with your hand.

Step 2: prepare the apple.

Rinse the apple thoroughly. Further, if desired, you can leave the skin in place, or you can peel it off using a special knife. I usually prefer to peel the fruit, especially if I am preparing a salad on the festive table. After cleaning, cut the apple into two equal parts and with the tip of a knife remove the seed core and pull out a twig. Grind the fruit pulp with a fine grater.

Step 3: prepare the cheese.

Cut a crust from a piece of cheese, if any. This ingredient is also crushed with a grater, but not medium, but small. For convenience, moisten the instrument with a small amount of ice water.

Step 4: mix the salad with Beijing cabbage and cheese.

Next, there are two options for cooking salad. The first assumes that you need to lay out all the ingredients in layers in the following order: Beijing cabbage, apple, cheese, apple, and lay mayonnaise on top. This option is good if you are preparing a dish for the festive table. If you just cook a salad for yourself, as they say, in a hurry, then simply put all the ingredients in a salad bowl, add dressing and mix. In both cases, do not forget to salt the dish to taste. You should not insist on such a salad, it is better to immediately eat it after cooking, otherwise cabbage and apple will give off a lot of juice, which in this case is not very healthy.

Step 5: serve salad with Beijing cabbage and cheese.

Serve the salad as an appetizer or as an independent dish in between hot. The resulting dish is very light and refreshing in taste, so that no one will stay away from it, especially if you serve it in small beautiful salad bowls, decorating with a slice of apple.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Sour cream and mayonnaise in this salad can also be replaced with unsweetened yogurt, it will turn out even more useful and easier.

- To decorate the salad when serving, you can sprinkle with ground cinnamon or fresh herbs, chopping it into small pieces.

- There is a similar salad recipe, in which sweet bell pepper is used instead of an apple, you just don’t need to grind it on a grater, it will be enough just to cut it into small pieces.