Basbus arabic manic

Ingredients for making Basbus arab manna

  1. Flour 1 stack.
  2. Semolina 1 stack.
  3. Sugar 1 stack.
  4. Vegetable oil 150 ml
  5. Coconut flakes 100 g
  6. Kefir 1 stack.
  7. Egg 1 pc.
  8. Vanilla sugar 1 tsp
  9. Baking powder 2 tsp
  • Main ingredients: Eggs, Kefir, Manka, Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine

Cooking arabic Busbus manna:

Beat the egg with a fork.

Pour kefir, vegetable oil, mix with a whisk.

Combine flour, semolina, coconut, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder.

Pour the liquid mass into the flour and knead the dough.

Lubricate the mold with butter, spread the dough evenly.

Bake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. Readiness check wooden skewer.

While baking Busbus, boil the syrup. Pour 100 ml of water into the stewpan, add sugar and lemon juice. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for about 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave until the cake is baked.

Cut the finished pie into portioned slices, pour over the syrup and sprinkle with coconut.

Let the cake cool and can be served with tea. Enjoy your meal!