Spanish tortilla with potatoes

Potato Tortilla Ingredients

  1. Eggs 7 pieces
  2. Potato 500 grams
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. Chorizo ​​sausage optional
  5. Olive oil optional
  6. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Onion, Eggs
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World CuisineSpanish Cuisine


Deep frying pan, kitchen knife, cutting board, spatula, whisk, plate.

Cooking Spanish tortilla with potatoes:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Since it is assumed that Spanish tortilla is being cooked very quickly, it is better to take potatoes of a young, small size so that it does not need to be peeled and it was enough to crumble in thin circles.

Also, you need to quickly peel onions and cut them into cubes. Cut sausages into thin slices, like potatoes.

Step 2: fry the filling.

First, heat the oil in a pan, then throw potatoes into it and fry it over medium heat. Carefully flip slices of vegetables so as not to break them.
A little fried potatoes, and after that they added onions and sausages here. Roast still for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the potato slices. It is necessary that it is fried and, in principle, ready for use.
Then remove the frying pan from the heat and let its contents cool a little, literally a few minutes.

Step 3: add the eggs.

While the filling is cooling, beat eggs and salt in a separate plate. Pour this mixture into a skillet and return everything to the fire.

After a few minutes of cooking, the eggs will begin to set and from above. This means that now we need to carefully turn the tortilla over and fry it on the other side. You can, for example, put it on a plate, and then return it to the pan unroasted side down. But it’s easier to cook tortillas in a pan that you can put in the oven. Then you just have to bake everything until cooked (a few minutes, until the eggs are completely seized), and you do not need to perform acrobatic numbers with a massive omelet turned over.

Step 4: serve Spanish tortilla with potatoes.

Serve Spanish tortilla with potatoes immediately after cooking or the next day, warming up. She will not lose taste at all, but will even become more appetizing. Give it a try! This is an excellent breakfast and even lunch. In summer, it is good to serve this omelet with a salad of fresh vegetables, and in winter, sour cabbage or pickles are perfect.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Also, quite a variety of products are often added to Spanish tortilla: tomatoes, sweet peppers, peas, cheese, ham, mushrooms and so on. This is a departure from the original recipe, but an omelet is an omelet, you can’t spoil it with sausage and vegetables.