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Easter bunnies

Easter Bunny Ingredients

  1. Wheat flour 400 grams
  2. Warm milk or boiled water 250 milliliters
  3. Pressed yeast (fresh) 1 dessert spoon with a slide
  4. Sugar (fine) 2 dessert spoons with a slide
  5. Salt 1 teaspoon (no slide)
  6. Butter or vegetable oil 3 dessert spoons
  7. Egg yolk for greasing
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Milk, Flour
  • Serving 8 servings


Deep plate, spatula, baking tray, whisk, bowl, scissors, wooden skewer or plastic knife.

Cooking Easter Bunnies:

Step 1: Prepare the dough.

Heat milk or water (whichever you use), but do not boil. Pour into a small deep container, add sugar and yeast, stir well to let the bubbles go. Leave the yeast to climb 15-20 minutes in a warm place.

Step 2: Knead the dough.

Sift the wheat flour through a sieve, and then mix it with salt and oil (if you use cream, it will first need to be melted). Add the diluted yeast and mix everything, first with a spatula, and then with your hands, adding more flour, if necessary.
Thus, knead a uniform dough.
Cover with a kitchen towel and leave to rise in a warm place on 30-40 minutes.

Step 3: Form the buns.

From the finished dough, pinch out small pieces and roll them between your palms first into a ball, and then pull them in the shape of a chicken egg. Leave the finished balls alone for a few minutes so that the dough rises again.
Then use scissors to carefully make incisions in the shape of bunny ears.

Pull the ears out slightly and round them, turning the sharp edges inward, closer to the body of your rabbit.

With a wooden skewer or the sharp part of the handle of a plastic knife, make eyes.

At the very end, adjust the shape of the ears with a skewer, pressing slightly on the edges, and also make a deepening inside each ear.

Step 4: Bake Easter Bunnies.

Set the oven to warm up 180 degrees. And yourself at this time, thoroughly coat the buns with whipped yolk with a small amount of milk
Easter bunnies need to be baked for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. To prevent them from sticking to the baking sheet, grease it with butter or put baking parchment.
Cool the finished buns, you can sprinkle them with sugar or powdered sugar, and then serve them to the table!

Step 5: Serve Easter Bunnies.

Easter bunnies are the cutest decoration on your table. They are soft and sweet in this case, so serve these buns for tea.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of an eye and a ponytail, for example, you can attach zest. Of course, first dried fruit will need to be washed in hot water.

- You can make Easter bunnies with a filling inside, both sweet and salty.