Fruit salad with strawberries

Strawberry Fruit Salad Ingredients

  1. Fresh strawberries 50 grams
  2. Orange 50 grams
  3. Grapes green 50 grams
  4. Apple 50 grams
  5. Triple Sec liquor to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Orange, Grapes, Apple, Strawberries, Liquor
  • Serving 2 servings


Kitchen knife, cutting board, deep plate, tablespoon, dessert bowls.

Making fruit salad with strawberries:

Step 1: Prepare the Strawberries.

Rinse fruit and strawberries thoroughly with cold water and leave everything in the water for a while, taking out and chopping in turn.

So strawberries peeled from green tails need to be cut into fairly large slices.

Step 2: Prepare the grapes.

Remove the grapes from the twigs and shake off excess moisture. Of course, you need to take a seedless variety.

Divide each grape into halves.

Step 3: Prepare the apple.

Peel the apple from a twig, cut in half and remove the seed core. If you wish, you can peel the fruit, but in my opinion this is superfluous.

Cut the apple into large cubes.

Step 4: Prepare the Orange.

Cut off the top and bottom of an orange, taking a little pulp with you.

Now with a knife, peel off the peel, simply cutting it off from the sides.

Then gently separate the pulp from the whitish partitions (just cut on each side with a knife) to make juicy orange slices. After all slices need to be cut in half.

Step 5: Mix the salad.

Put the prepared fruits and strawberries in a deep plate and pour cold boiled water.

Step 6: Add the liquor.

Add Triple Sec or another orange liqueur to your taste to add some zest to the fruit salad. Send everything to the refrigerator on 60 minutes to insist.
Before serving, drain the water and arrange the fruit salad with strawberries in dessert vases.

Step 7: Serve a fruit salad with strawberries.

Serve fruit salad in beautiful vases so that you can appreciate not only its taste, but also its striking appearance. A terrific dish, liquor enhances aromas and tastes, so feel free to serve this dessert to the festive table, everyone will appreciate it.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can serve a ready-made fruit salad with strawberries, decorating it with vanilla or creamy ice cream.